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All our billboards are designed and engineered to comply with
cyclone ratings, council & government regulations and the
landowners wishes. M2 Signs takes full responsibility for the safety
of it’s workers and land users, as such we hold all the relevant
insurance cover to relieve risk for the landowner and advertisers.

billboard construction - M2 Signs
McDonald's Bruce Highway



It not just about practicality.  We spend a lot of time designing our billboards and making sure they complement your campaign.  The structure needs to look as good as your artwork.  You won’t find any run-down, rusted and busted out billboards in our inventory.  We use qualified engineers to finalise our designs to make sure they meet all the necessary requirements as well.



With many years in the industrial construction industry, we know what we’re doing when builbing our billboards.  We do everything from preparing the footings, pouring the concrete and erect our billboards with the utmost care and precision.

billboard construction - M2 Signs construct and install their own billboards