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Why Outdoor Advertising Works.

And why it sometimes doesn’t…

Of course Outdoor Advertising works. BUT, it only works when its done correctly. With an outdoor billboard, you’ve got the blink of an eye to grab the attention of your audience and communicate your message.

Consider Digital Marketing for a moment. You know what I’m talking about. You’re trying to watch a video on Youtube. Watch the ad first. You’re trying to read a news article and you’re swamped with pop-ups and videos. And then we literally scroll past thousands of ads on social media without even giving them a second thought. It’s automatic.

We know how online marketing works and we IGNORE it. We all know you only have to shout out something you’re looking to buy near your phone and Bam! The answers will pop up on your social news feed. It’s intrusive, data-stealing and downright annoying.

Now look at this example of a simple, effective billboard advertisement (done by us).  It’s not interrupting your chill out time on your phone or watching your favourite sports game.  It’s just there; big, bold and proud:



McDOnalds M2signs billboard
I don't know about you, but these are my favourite billboards to see when you're travelling.  It means there is a town coming up; a town large enough to have a McDonald's!  It means a break out of the car for you and the kids.

Who sees Billboards?

On average, Australians spend 7.5 hours per week driving.  And 74% of Australians see billboards EVERY DAY.  Could you say the same for any other form of advertising?  How often do drivers still listen to the radio?  How often do people still watch free to air tv?  And we know we ignore online advertising.

88% of Australians say that billboards stand out.  So when your banner (or campaign) is on point, meaning it is simple, eye-catching, memorable and easy to read, the potential of reaching your target audience is phenomenal.

Why some billboards don’t work:

Unfortunately, a lot of billboards you see around the place fail these key points and it’s a real shame.  These businesses have taken a great step for their growth by investing in billboard advertising, but their artwork on their banner fails.  Some of the main reasons this happens:

  • Lack of contrasting colours
  • Imagery is too complex
  • Too many words.  Such a killer!
  • You don’t need your phone number and/or website.  You need to remember you are simply going for brand or product awareness.  No one is writing down phone numbers or websites whilst they’re driving!  They will remember your brand and Google it when they’re ready.

Be smart to be successful

So if you’re keen on investing in your business and guaranteeing growth, make sure you trust who you’re using to do your artwork.  Make sure they know what they’re doing and ask to see their previous work.

Best Billboard Advice:

Check out our Tips & Tricks here.

Banner fail Before
Comparing Billboard Designs After


Please note, this design was done purely for this article to demonstrate the points discussed above.  Too many words, plain image with not enough contrast that completely drowns out the brand.


This banner was designed in-house at M2Signs with input from the client, Giant Tyre Vulcanisers.  Their banner is simple and effective.  They also went the extra mile and printed their banner on Reflecto so that it stands out like a shining star on the side of the Peak Downs Highway at night time.  This is the prefect example of simple and brilliant billboard advertising, done right.

Billboard Live in Action

115 s Peak Downs Highway billboard