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Tips & Tricks

For a Great Billboard

Expert Billboard Design Tips ‘n’ Tricks

Uncluttered billboards achieve greater
success. Ideally, your billboard design
should consist of just 3 main components:
• Interesting image or photo
• Unique headline: 7 WORDS OR LESS
• Logo and or name
• NO lengthy contact info. Your billboard
directs customers to look you up!

Amazing billboard design provided by M2 Signs. Contact M2 Signs for your static and digital design needs

• High Contrast colours
• Bold is beautiful
• NO pastels

Total tools billboard extension design

• Simple font choice
• Bold weight
• Avoid ALL CAPS

Good Billboard design by M2 Signs. Mackay 4740. Supersite billboards.

Large text is a must! Adds life to your message whilst making sure it can be read!

Big text billboard design - M2 Signs digital billboard advertising

• Only use professional images or photos
• MUST have 300DPI minimum.
• Less is more. One great image is better than 5 average ones

Terrequipe Gracemere billboard - supersite billboard advertising with M2 Signs

Make only ONE point. That is all the time you have.

Kids eat free - Simple effective billboard design

Ensure your billboard speaks one-on-one to their specific needs, just as you would with a friend.

Good Digital billboard design. M2 Signs Northern Beach digital billboard

Test your design on someone for 10-15 seconds. Can they read it?

Premium billboard sites. Mackay-Bucasia Rd. Advertise with M2 Signs

Make it quirky or use story elements to entertain bored drivers

BB Print quirky design

No one remembers DULL.

Create outstanding billboards with add-ons and extensions. M2 Signs know how to create billboard that stand out and make people look!