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Digital Billboards





LED billboards utilise new digital technology and offer a powerful and dynamic way to advertise. This option combines the advantages of traditional billboards with the added ability to create compelling creative content that can move and change. M2 signs offer a full range of LED sign options suit any need.

Our LED screens are modular, meaning we can customise tour sign to suit any display size. These screens can run video, text, and live internet feeds, as well as pre-set scheduling and remote real-time programming. These screens will provide the ultimate high-impact viewing and advertising experience.

So many applications available…

M2 Signs offers a full range of indoor LED options perfect for a variety of applications such as showroom displays, trade shows, events, conference centres, board rooms, clubs, pubs, supermarkets, shopping centres, stadiums, music events, retail stores, and shop window displays.

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The new form of Advertising!

M2 signs offer a full range of outdoor LED options. These will suit applications such as business frontage, outside shopping centres, trade shows, events, clubs, pubs, stadiums, and music events.

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The Best of Both Worlds!

M2 Signs offers mobile digital trailers for hire or sale to suit applications such as business promotions, tore openings, specials, information, trade shows, events, stadiums and music events.

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