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How effective are digital billboards?

Which is better?  Static or Digital Billboards?

Many businesses still advertise on static billboards, and they are proven to be effective.  74% of Australians see billboards every day, several times a week.  But are digital billboards better than traditional, static billboards?

Well, we’d be hypocrites if we said they are.  We strongly believe in the power of static and digital billboards.  So why choose Digital Billboards?  There are several factors that might lead a business down the path of opting for Digital over static, and it is entirely up to the individual and their goals.  There is no right or wrong, just a preference to get the maximum exposure out of your advertising campaign.

Digital billboard m2signs mackay Before
Static or Digital? After
Static or Digital Billboards???

How much does it cost to advertise on a digital billboard?

Well, the cost of advertising on digital billboards can vary greatly.  Larger companies can charge inflated amounts as their customers are national brands with national-sized budgets.

Smaller, local or regional billboard companies may not charge as much as their larger counterparts.  But this does not always mean they’re offering an inferior product.  What it means is that their pricing is constructed with the local market and local business owners just like you in mind.  Small business owners don’t have the budget of a national company, and hence the pricing structure reflects this.

In Mackay, we’ve seen an influx of digital billboards in recent months.  There are some large, new digital billboards in the CBD.  And it is expected the customer would pay large, CBD rates to advertise here.  Having said that, as digital billboards become more commonplace in our area, the costs of advertising on these screens should become more affordable.

What are the advantages of a digital billboard?

Digital Billboard advertising is different to Traditional (Static) Billboard Advertising.  There is no right or wrong, better or worse, just differences.  So let’s look at those:

  • SAVE MONEY: First things first, you can save money by advertising on a digital billboard. You don’t need to pay for the printing of a banner like you do on a static billboard.
  • FLEXIBILITY #1:  The same design can be used and recycled and adjusted many times without paying for any printing, just a simple upload to the screen is all that is needed.
  • FLEXIBILITY #2: Changeable campaigns.  The Digital Screens offer a more fluid advertising experience by their nature.  You can have one advertising slot, but several different artwork slides that send different messages and interchange them throughout your campaign.
  • SHORT CAMPAIGNS:  As there is no printing involved and the scheduling of digital screens is dynamic, it is an easy thing to offer short term campaigns on digital screens.  This is perfect for product launches, events, elections & so much more.
  • LOCATION: M2 Signs have fixed digital screens and mobile digital screens mounted on trailers.  These trailers can be used anywhere as long as there is power available for the screen (generators are ok).  This means you can reach your target market with a vibrant, dynamic advertising campaign at a very reasonable rate.

Digital trailer billboards offer ultimate flexibility

Final Thoughts

When choosing Out of Home (OOH) advertising it is important to do your research and check the rates different companies are offering for a similar site.  Compare your apples to apples!  Things to compare are the traffic count, whether the site is illuminated (giving 24 hr exposure) and the visibility of the sign.  There is no point advertising on a sign with a high traffic count that can’t be seen by said traffic.


When choosing between OOH and DOOH (Digital Out of Home Advertising), the choice resides with you.  Do what feels right for your budget and your campaign whilst still ensuring you reach your target audience.  Decide whether you would like a dynamic campaign, or are happy with a static campaign that gets you brand awareness.